warning :

yehaa. clap your hand first to this girl , who is crying every single of night because succed to make a blog by own . although this blog is boring but im know this is the important blog to me . act this blog was speaking in billinggual . if any problems? you can get out from this blog .


i miss my Boldbesties forever n ever, some sweet precious time we shared together..
we ate n slept together,we studied n shoped together. everymorning,everynight,everyevening,,
we also dreaming us in every single of slept,when we going to bath some of we still followed until in front of toilet door.. wekk! :P hehe.. liked we as a couple friends,HAHA. xD
everyday we also touched every of we hands.so soft as soft as a dough.. HUHU. sometimes,we hug,kissed,smiled,cried,angried and ran others we! yuu.. XD that means,we were the good and sweet buddies.. we try to be good girls,buddies,students,daughters,admires and girlfriends..
yuuu ;) ayaarkk!