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yehaa. clap your hand first to this girl , who is crying every single of night because succed to make a blog by own . although this blog is boring but im know this is the important blog to me . act this blog was speaking in billinggual . if any problems? you can get out from this blog .

camping 2009.

date: x ingat ar babe, haha.
camping? i love it too much.

a kindness of friday and saturday,our school had a big camping. it's just only for year 6, who's the candidates of UPSR on 2009 and a team of pengakap. some teachers. yukk! :P
so unlucky memories, we (the girls) must slept on the tar road. so,auwww! haha.
night scenery!
girls tents!
beloved teachers!
team lucki (contest cari harta karim) haha.

at the first day, we had a team activities,which it is called night cultures. huhu! X)
my team got a beautiful ang fabolous number, it is seven! so success, haha. :D
nevermind! izan n aisyah, love the both very damn much..

the next day,which it is the lastest day. second activities,it is paraded day.ouch! i never parade before this,even though my father is a teacher of this game!haha. XD
normally,i queued in the minddle of the girls. delighted?oyeah.. so hot now! coz some eyes had staring to me and some mouth had out their big laugh.

the third activities, i'm going to die. so tired! haha. cari harta karun?karen ar babe, we must run and run! from the sksp until sksp.nguu. wht! it just game.. so, the camping ended at 3:30 p.m.. i miss my bear and comfortable bed.. ngahaha!

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