warning :

yehaa. clap your hand first to this girl , who is crying every single of night because succed to make a blog by own . although this blog is boring but im know this is the important blog to me . act this blog was speaking in billinggual . if any problems? you can get out from this blog .

new season :)

school holiday is come back :)

outing , shopping , chatting , travelling n more activities .
no more study laa . hek3 .
sudah korbankan masa ku selama dua minggu ta surfing internet .
haish kamu ni afiqa , tak bole ngomong ngomong mcm tu lagi .
stop it . dont nonsense again . hak3 .
study is the most important in our life . fighting to get it .

homework? tetap setia dia hatik . hak3 . skola kejam . patutnye tak payah bg homwok . penat laa. mengomel saja budak ni . gedik betol . iyaa , aku gedik . jujo separuh drpd iman . hak3 .
time to ayah nak g studying . batu pahat? ala . dekat saja. but , im sure my hoildays is quiet boring .
ohh , happy holiday !